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Updated Visa Information

The Nigerian Embassy in the DRC is pleased to inform users that the following information is absolutely important. We therefore enjoin you to carefully read it in its entirety before proceeding with any business with the Consular Service of the Embassy.

  • All Nigerian Entry Visa will now be issued within 48 hours from point of request. However, provision of Visa within 48 hours is subject to the applicants' fulfillment of all the requirements
  • An applicant may be invited for interview by the Consular officer if there is need for further clarifications. All applicants should include correct contact telephone numbers and contact addresses while filling their Visa forms
  • Payment of Visa processing fees does not guarantee the issuance of Nigerian entry Visa, if the applicant is deemed by the Consular officer as unqualified or his/her documents found to be fraudulent or fake
  • Passports of Nigerian Entry Visa applicants must be valid for at least 6 months from date of application
  • The Nigerian Embassy in Kinshasa does not work with Visa agents. Do not deal with any individual within or around the Embassy who poses as Visa agent or offer to help you in return for monetary compensation
  • You are encouraged to report such individuals to the Consular Officer of the Embassy
  • Applicants should submit their applications directly to the Consular Clerk, (whose office is located under the umbrella attached to the Chancery Building), who is also the only one to call them in case there is need for further interview
  • Currently, the website is undergoing reconstruction to enable Visa applications to be submitted online through the Consular Portal of the Embassy website
  • Applicants who submit their Visa applications online are expected to also scan and attach the required documents. They are to proceed same day to the Embassy to submit their International Passports and pay the relevant Visa fees
  • Applicants who made online applications may also wish to submit the required attachments in hard copy while paying for their Visa fees, which must be on the same day


Presently the Embassy of Nigeria in the Democratic Republic of Cong (DRC) does not issue Standard, Service or Diplomatic passports to Nigerian nationals. However, the Embassy is working towards commencing full-fledged issuance of Nigerian International Passports within the shortest possible time.


As part of Federal Government's strategic policy thrust, government provides Consular assistance and promotes the interests of Nigerians anywhere in the world. Nigerians desirous of Consular assistance should feel free to visit the Consular section from 10am - 3pm each working day.


The Embassy also provides other Consular services like authentication of academic certificates, marriage certificates and provision of Consular Identification Cards etc. For the avoidance of doubt, the list of the Consular services and attendant costs include:

  • Embassy Consular Card ------------------------------------------------ $20
  • Note Verbale ------------------------------------------------------------ $10
  • Emergency Travel Certificate (ETC) ----------------------------------- $20
  • Authentication of Nationality ------------------------------------------ $10
  • Attestation/ Affidavity ------------------------------------------------- $20
  • Certification of Document per page ----------------------------------- $10

See information on Visa Requirements here Visa Requirements